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What you need to know about Medical Billing and Coding?

about medical billing and coding

I’m sure you’ve heard commercials and seen ads on TV about medical billing and coding, but you might be wondering what this is all about. Here we’ll give you a little more insight as to what medical billing and coding is and what individuals who train to do this actually do.

What is medical billing and coding?

When a patient has a medical procedure or exam, the office must work with the patient and their insurance company to deal with claims. The biller is in charge of submitting and following up on claims in order to receive the money for services rendered by the provider. The individual must learn various codes in order to properly process the patient's claim. For this reason, proper preparation and training is required to become a successful medical billing and coding professional.

Medical billing and coding professionals are those who must process the patient data including all records and insurance information. They must code the patient's diagnosis and request payments from the insurance company.

Medical billing and coding are actually considered two different jobs. Medical billers are responsible for making sure everyone gets billed properly. This will require speaking with patients and insurance companies daily to ensure that all payments have been made on time.

Medical coders don’t interact with health insurance companies or patients as much as billers. The coder must take the time to code data for every procedure or treatment performed in the medical office. It must be done correctly in order for the billing to go smoothly.

Why should you choose medical billing and coding?

There are various reasons why you may want to choose to undergo training for this profession. Each person is different and while one may not like the idea of medical billing and coding, others may see this as the perfect career for them. This job involves detail-oriented work and organization. An individual who enjoys working in detail and is very organized may be extremely pleased with a career such as this one. One of the biggest benefits to some is not having to directly work with patients and bodily fluids, but still be involved in the medical field. The time of training is also a big benefit. Training can be completed fairly quickly and in no time you will be ready to work. Some individuals are ready to work in the field in as little as just one year.

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