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Benefits of Becoming a Medical Assistant

Benefits of Becoming a Medical Assistant

Medical Assistant-An Exciting Career Option for You 

In a slow economy, there continues to be a consistent demand for those who are qualified to work in the field of medicine. A career as a medical assistant offers a great deal of versatility and opportunities for advancement. Medical assistants are professionals that work alongside physicians to ensure that patients are given excellent care. They work in a variety of settings, including clinics and medical offices, performing both administrative and clinical functions. A career as a medical assistant is highly rewarding and offers many benefits of becoming a medical assistant.

Comfortable working conditions
As a medical assistant, you will enjoy a comfortable work environment. Most medical assistants work in clinics and work in a comfortable, climate-controlled setting. Because work hours are tied to the clinic or medical office’s hours of operation, medical assistants are able to enjoy a predictable schedule. Rarely working weekends and holidays, a career as a medical assistant affords a great work/life balance.

A highly rewarding career
Medical assistants often work closely with doctors and are able to be an active part in ensuring that patients receive optimal care. The ability to interact with patients and their families, while striving to ensure that their needs and expectations are met, assures a high degree of career satisfaction.

Job Security
As our population continues to rapidly age, the medical field experiences an ongoing growth and an increased demand for qualified workers. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the demand for medical assistants is expect to rise by 34% over the next four years. While other industries are facing cutbacks, leaving their employees jobless or underemployed, the medical field offers projected growth and security.

In addition to comfortable working conditions, a highly rewarding career and job security, medical assistants receive relatively high compensation for their work. The salary for a medical assistant usually starts at $11 an hour. Those who have experience or have graduated from a certification program may see a salary as high as $15 an hour. The hourly rate will vary greatly, depending on a medical assistant’s experience, the type of environment in which they are employed and their geographical location.

An Easy Field to Break In To
For Florida residents, transitioning to a career as a medical assistant is easy. While there are medical assistant training programs and certifications available, they are often not required for beginning this exciting career in the medical field. For a higher starting salary, medical assistant training is offered at many community colleges and vocational institutes.

A career as a medical assistant is exciting and offers a high level of satisfaction. With comfortable working conditions and reasonable compensation, as well as job security, it is clear why more professionals are investigating a career as a medical assistant.


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