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Certified Medical Assistant Salary in Miami Booms in 2015!

Certified Medical Assistant Salary in Miami

If you have ever considered becoming a medical assistant in South Florida, now is the perfect time to do so! Here’s why!

Career Prospects

The demand for jobs in the medical industry have been booming since the downfall of the economy back in 2006. It is definitely safe to say that medical assistance is within these categories and is also one of the largest growing careers in the United States. A little over 200,000 medical assistants alone are expected to be needed in the next year and is expected to hold an incredible 29% demand rate in the next 5 years. That is almost 12% more than many other careers! Now is definitely the right time to plunge into a career in the medical field and pursue all of your passions and dreams. Physicians who have their own practices typically hire medical assistants, but hospitals nursing homes and care facilities along with other medical professionals hire medical assistants also.

As the economy begins to stabilize and jobs are becoming more accessible, they are also becoming more competitive. A medical assistant prospect can obtain an employment opportunity with the right credentials, but employers are searching for job candidates who prove their love for their career by going above and beyond. Maybe you volunteered a great amount of hours at the local hospital, or continued your education and obtained an associate’s degree. Local community colleges and vocational institutions offer the required education before becoming a licensed or certified medical assistant.

Certified Medical Assistant Salary in Miami

In average, the salary for a medical assistant in Miami, Florida can range anywhere from $29,000 to $38,000 depending on the education and experience that the individual holds. Although the amount that a certified medical assistant can make annually ultimately varies in your geographical location, education and experience, this annual average has been the highest that South Florida has experienced in approximately 15 years! The potential to obtain a well paying and stable job in the medical industry has never been greater!

Medical Assistant Training in Miami

Becoming a medical assistant can mean a career change for some individuals, and a pursuit of personal achievement for others. However, becoming a certified medical assistant can open more doors than just an employment opportunity. Once you have become a certified medical assistant, you will have completed all of the prerequisites to apply for a bridge nursing program. While many employers are taking careful notice of a candidate’s resume and education, the more experience and education an individual has in the field, the higher their annual income will be.

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