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Common duties of a Medical Assistant

Common duties of a medical assistant

In today’s job market becoming a medical assistant has its rewards. You will be able to join the workforce way sooner than other careers, work in many locations, and get certified in any state. Medical assistant jobs are also expected to increase around 29 percent through 2022. But before exploring this career it’s good you learn about the common duties of a medical assistant. Medical assistants can perform both administrative and clinical work. They are incredible assets to many hospital and clinics nationwide.

Some duties of a medical assistant include:

  • Recording vital signs
  • Collecting patient history and administering required medications under the doctor’s supervision
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Billing patients
  • Filling out insurance forms

Medical assistants receive training to handle pretty much everything their career demands but it’s all based on the setting in which they work. The duties of a medical assistant at a hospital often turn into a nursing assistant job. They need to keep a balance between administrative and clinical work. They often become the do-it-all or go-to person. They can also spend some time in the lab examining blood, urine, and stool samples from patients. This is why it’s important they receive adequate lab training. Some well-trained medical assistants are able to perform electrocardiogram readings, administer prescription refills, and manage patient referrals. Doctors, office managers, nurses and any other health practitioner value the work these professionals do.

According to statistics, private practices seem to hire more medical assistants these days as they help run the business more efficiently and affordably. Medical assistants can make life easier for both patients and physicians. Doctors in these facilities rely on medical assistants’ skill and expertise to help them manage their day-to-day tasks and see more patients, which will eventually lead to the success of their practice.

If you love this career you don’t have to stop here, you can get more training and become anything you like. It’s an easy way to get into the medical field and explore other career options. However, you may also decide to pursue this rewarding career for life and do well. If you are looking for a good medical assistant school in the Miami area, contact UVI today and one of our admission counselors will explain to you in more details what is this career all about.

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