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Electrolysis hair removal technician job outlook and salary info

Electrolysis hair removal technician

We live in a world obsessed with beauty. This is why careers in the beauty industry are blooming so quickly right now. There are many opportunities available in this field, especially for electrolysis hair removal technicians. Prospective students should explore their options and reach out to a UVI counselor if they have any specific questions about this amazing career. But let’s check out what’s the estimated job outlook and salary information for an electrolysis hair removal technician.

While it’s true some electrolysis hair removal technicians can earn as much as $51,000 a year, the average salary for a full-time employee in this profession, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, is $32,030. The salary can vary depending on some factors such as your education and experience. The BBL reports the median salary is $13.90 an hour. Some states including Washington State, Hawaii, and Delaware pay more than others. The highest paying ones pay about $40,000-$46,000 per year.

Salaries really depend on the employer, sector and location of your job. Electrolysis technicians who work at doctor’s offices generally earn more than the rest of the crowd, with an average of $39,540 a year. Recreation is the second highest-paying job earning around $37,650 per year, and lastly are the electrolysis technicians who work in outpatient care facilities and hospitals who earn an average of $37,650 per year. Department stores hair removal technicians also have a good salary. Travel accommodations and health services may not earn as much but the salary is quite decent, about $33,220 and $31,660 a year.

Regarding the job outlook for this career, the current prospects seem very favorable since there is an increasing amount of people concerned with their physical appearance, who are more than willing to invest on electrolysis treatments. Careers in this field are definitely lucrative. Along with the many employment opportunities you will also find possibilities for advancement. You can become a manger or supervisor as well as teach in a university or college, or open your own business.

If you are considering a career in this field contact Universal Vocational Institute and we will guide you every step of the way.

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