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Electrolysis vs. Laser hair removal

Electrolysis vs. Laser hair removal

Perhaps you have been searching for the most effective method to get rid of unwanted hair. It’s true there are many options out there. This is where the popular electrolysis vs. laser hair removal battle comes into place. These two hair removal systems are effective yet it’s important you understand the differences between them before picking one. Electrolysis seems to yield more permanent results. Laser will only work on people with light skin and dark hair. Electrolysis vs. laser hair removal: which one is the right one?

Let’s start with laser hair treatment. Although lasers have become very popular these days they are not as recommended by dermatologists. Laser hair removal treatment sessions generally last up to 30 minutes. Some people are under the impression that they will only need 3 or 6 sessions but most times patients end up doing 10 to 20 sessions, with a maintenance session required every 6 months or a year.

When it comes to removing dark hair on white skin laser hair removal is amazing. The darker the hair the more results it will yield. The laser hair removal process will destroy the pigment. Patients who don’t fit into this category may suffer burns in their skin. The way it works is pulses of laser light are sent to the follicle in order to destroy it permanently. However, the follicle is not entirely destroyed, which is the main difference in the electrolysis vs. laser hair removal argument.

Electrolysis hair removal, on the other hand, although it’s more time consuming than the laser hair removal system, is the one permanent hair removal method approved by the FDA while lasers were approved for hair reduction only. With laser hair removal it will take about 9 to 18 months to treat a single area, depending on the surface treated. Each session can last 15 min to an hour. With Electrolysis, electricity is sent to through a metal probe in order to destroy the hair follicle permanently. This procedure is highly effective since follicles won’t be able to produce any more hairs. Anyone can benefit from this treatment method notwithstanding their skin or hair color.

It’s difficult to choose the best hair removal method. You will ultimately choose the one that works best on your specific hair or skin type. If you are looking for an electrolysis school or laser hair removal school in South Florida, contact UVI today.

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