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Study tips for the medical assistant test

Study tips for the medical assistant test

Perhaps you have worked through many obstacles to get where you are right now in your medical assistant training and career. There is still one important obstacle you need to overcome, and that is the medical assistant test. But in order to overcome this obstacle you must first prepare the right way. Although certification is not required to get a decent job in this field, it will add more credibility to your resume and it will increase your chances of getting a job when applying for medical assistant jobs. You can follow some study tips in order to maximize your preparation for the medical assistant test:

First, focus on the content covered during the exam. The National Healhcare Association (NHA) has an excellent outline you can follow. Get familiar with the medical assistant test structure and subcategories in it. Some medical terminology may be difficult to remember therefore the sooner you get familiar with it the better. Also, there are several computer concepts you will have to remember. You can print out the sheet from the NHA site and use it a reference.

Let the studying begin! Once you know what will be covered on the medical assistant certification exam you will simply review everything you have learned by reading course notes, textbooks, or any course recordings you may have. Use any information that may be helpful and if you are the visual type of studier, create flashcards with key terms or attend a study group with your classmates.

Break the ice with practice exams! NHA has some practice questions in the areas of physiology, anatomy, and medical terminology. You may even take this test before you begin preparing for the exam and also take it after to see how much progress you have made or areas you may need to improve on.

Don’t procrastinate. Start now!

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