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What a Laser Hair Removal Specialist Does

What a Laser Hair Removal Specialist Does

The Role of a Laser Hair Removal Specialist

Many people like careers that are a little out of the ordinary and provide a different type of challenges while still being rewarding. This is often when students choose to become laser hair removal specialists. Does this sound like a career that you would enjoy? If so, here is some information on what a career would be like as a laser hair removal specialist.

What a Laser Hair Removal Specialist Does

A laser hair removal specialist provides individuals with a less expensive and simpler method of removing hair than conventional electrolysis. Depending on the state requirements, the laser hair removal specialist may work alone or may be required to work under a physician’s supervision. In addition to removing hair, the specialist may also provide acne treatments, skin rejuvenation and other aesthetic laser services.

The laser hair removal technician may also provide post-treatments care, educate clients on skincare, and remove hair, wax or other treatments. Laser hair removal specialists are often referred to as skincare specialists.

Educational Requirements

Skincare specialists like laser hair removal specialists are generally required to complete accredited skincare or esthetician training programs based on the state requirements. These training schools can generally be found at technical schools, community colleges or beauty schools. It’s important that the school be accredited because this is generally a requirement if you need to be licensed.

Training for skincare specialists is generally a certain number of hours such as 300 or 400 hours. The curriculum generally includes classroom hours and an internship for hands-on experience. Upon completion of the training, the student must pass a written and practical examination.

Are There License or Certification Requirements?

In most states, skincare specialists are required to be licensed or certified. To be eligible for a license or certification, the individual must complete a state-approved laser hair removal training program and pass the state board licensing examination. Some states may require simple certificate training programs while others may have more rigid requirements.

Individuals are advised to check with their state board of cosmetology to learn what the exact requirements are for laser hair removal specialists in their state. Information on licensing exams and requirements may also be found through the National-Interstate Council of State Boards of Cosmetology, American Association of Cosmetology Schools and the Professional Beauty Association.

Salary and Career Outlook for Laser Hair Removal Specialists

Laser hair removal specialists may find work in many settings, including cosmetic surgery clinics, doctors’ or clinics offices, or medical spas. The increasing number of beauty salons and spas has made employment very good for laser hair removal specialists. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicted that skincare specialists would see an employment growth of forty percent between 2012 and 2022.

Also contributing to the employment growth is the fact that both men and women are looking for ways to look better, younger and healthier. According to the BLS, skincare specialists earned a mean annual wage of $32,080. The five states where the highest wages are earned in this profession are New Mexico, Alaska, Arkansas, Oregon and Maine.

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