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What is Medical Billing and Coding?

What is Medical Billing and Coding

What exactly does medical billing and coding consist of? Well, after this summary, we promise you’ll have a full understanding of what it is.

When a patient visits their primary doctor for a routine check up or need any kind of medical exam or procedure in a hospital or private practice, a team of medical office workers perform their daily tasks to work with the individual’s insurance company. As important, in order to assess and cover any claims made and receive payment for the services executed by their health care provider. Evidently, because this is not an easy task, medical billers and coders are required to memorize and learn an incredible amount of different medical codes, each one representing an individual symptom, medication and even diagnoses in order to make a proper claim to the individual’s insurance company. In correlation, the education that these individuals receive is a critical part of being prepared and successful as a whole.

Medical Coders at Hospitals

As proven, doctors are one of the most needed individuals in a hospital setting, there are many other healthcare professionals on whom the industry depends on such as nurses, nursing assistants, medical assistants and most importantly medical billers and coders in order to accurately assess and record, register and track each individual’s claim. In fact, a medical claim begins the moment you walk into a medical setting where services are provided to you until the moment you go home, the person in charge of filing your claim will not finish until after you have received all of the care and services you would need and received a proper diagnoses.

Medical billing and coding Career

Ultimately, medical billing and those behind the career are ultimately in charge of making sure that the services you receive are paid for and that your insurance company is billed correctly. As a whole, a portion of this career involves interacting and communicating with patients and their healthcare providers and insurance companies on a regular basis in order to ensure that all claims and invoices are paid and received in a timely manner.

Medical billing and coding schools in Miami

In sum, medical coding on the other hand involves the use and knowledge of medical terminology and the codes behind each and every treatment, service, medication and diagnoses available in order to properly code the individual or patient’s medical claims. As a result, this professional does not interact often or on a regular basis with patients and their insurance companies. The medical coder and biller often work together to ensure that a patient’s claim is well written and properly billed. In conclusion, Medical billing and coding schools in Miami can help you get the training and education you will need to have a successful and long lasting career in the world’s largest demanding industry.

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