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Electrolysis License Renewal Miami

Universal Vocational Institute is pleased to announce that our Registration period is NOW OPEN to Licensed Electrologists and Laser Hair Removal Technicians seeking to renew their license or reinstate an expired license. Licensed Florida Electrologists are required to complete 20 hours of approved continuing education within every 2 year licensing period. Out of the 20 hours, one hour must be on blood-borne diseases (for those renewing their license for the first time (1) hour of HIV/AIDS is required in addition) and two on prevention of medical errors which can be taken online. Any extra hours can be submitted to the SCMHR for credit towards your CCE/CME renewal. Electrolysis licenses are all required to be renewed by midnight May 31.

You will receive a certificate of completion at the end, as your proof that you have taken the course. Even though Universal Vocational Institute will report your credits with SCMHR (Lisa Nelson), you must keep the certificate of completion in your personal files as the required proof that you have successfully completed these hours to comply with Florida statute 478.50(4)(a) and complete renewal process with CE Broker.

We offer the 20 hours of CEUs for the competitive price of $250, after the deadlines the cost will be $300. Take advantage of the early registration discounts, don’t miss your chance to save and register early.

Physical Foundation of Laser Light (10 clock hours)

  • 02/20/16 (deadline 02/10/16)
  • 03/31/16 (deadline 04/05/16)

Physical Foundation of Laser Procedures (10 clock hours)

  • 02/27/16 (deadline 02/15/16)
  • 03/31/16 (deadline 04/12/16)

Facts about Electrolysis Certification

Electrolysis is the process of removing permanently any unwanted hair from a person’s body and/or face. Our Electrology Program prepares students to safely administer electrolysis processes. Most states require a certificate or license in order to practice the profession. Electrolysis and electrology are synonyms for hair removal using laser and the terms are sometimes interchanged.

Functions Performed by an Electrolysis Technician

In order to become an electrolysis technician you must attend a qualified institution to receive electrolysis training. The main job functions an electrolysis technician will perform include performing hair removal services using the professional methods taught in the training. If you are comfortable working with different people and love helping others to achieve their goals, this could be the right profession for you. This work requires patience and the ability to be standing or in a tilted position for periods longer than one hour.

Electrologist jobs

Electrolysis License Renewal Miami

One option is to work for a large electrolysis company, beauty salon or spa offering laser hair removal in Florida. Most electrolysis technicians find work either in a spa or doctor's office. Depending on the quality of your work, you can get your own patients, which would be a great advantage for you.

Electrolysis Courses in Miami

The electrolysis education will include skin dynamics, analysis of the hair, and understanding of the nervous and circulatory system. In some training programs, students gain practical experience in a simulated laboratory. Students are able to evaluate and solve real problems, which are part of the electrolysis training course. Once a student has extensive theoretical knowledge of the electrolysis procedure, he/she will be able to practice on volunteer models and enjoy the amount of hours necessary to practice for licensure. The curriculum also teaches the basics of laser equipment, including how lasers work, clinical applications and safety aspects of the laser. Another important aspect that is taught is patient care in the workplace and how to deal with complications that may arise.

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Electrolysis License Renewal Miami

In most states licenses are required in order to perform electrolysis services and laser hair removal. Students attending training programs across the country can get their electrolysis certificate. Usually, it takes several hours to get the electrolysis license.

Information about Electrolysis License Renewal Miami

Electrolysis technicians need to renew their license to ensure it is always valid and continue working as a professional. This renewal is completed by taking 20 clock hours of approved continuing education classes every two years. UVI offers a continuing education program that provides the 20 credits required to maintain their license.

The Renewal of Electrolysis License in Miami

Electrolysis License Renewal at Universal Vocational Institute (UVI)

Universal Vocational Institute is an institution that is recognized by the Society for Clinical and Medical Hair Removal as a continuing education school. When the required hours are completed the student will receive the certificate, which is valid for two full years from the date of completion is completed. Courses are offered in Hialeah, our campus is located at 5339 W 20th Ave Hialeah, FL 33012.

In our school we have different programs that will allow you to enter into a world where you will profit since you are dealing with medical procedures, which according to studies their demand will increase by 25% more than other jobs.

Our school also offers the Electrolysis License Renewal Program to keep our students updated on new techniques. Finding the right school is the first step to a better life, at UVI we are committed to helping our students develop professionally and provide them personalized assistance in finding the ideal career for them. We are a school specializing in health and beauty programs, many of our students are successful in their field and would say that UVI was the best investment for their future. Do not hesitate and visit our school in Hialeah to speak to our staff in person and find out more about our programs!

Important Information

Electrolysis licenses are all required to be renewed by midnight May 31. Do not fall behind and join us, our staff is ready to assist you. Remember that maintaining a valid license and being updated on the most recent techniques and advances in the field of electrolysis is the best way to advance professionally in this field and be successful.

For more information, contact us at 305-642-1040 or by email to

Questions about Electrolysis License Renewal Miami

What degree will I need to start the electrolysis course?

You will need a high school diploma or equivalent.

Will the school assist me in finding employment after graduation?

In our school one of our main goals is for our graduates to find a job in the field that matches their needs. We will provide personalized assistance for your job search, resume writing, interviewing skills, and more.

Will I have to renew my certification?

Yes, you will have to renew your certification every two years.

What medical institutions can provide employment upon graduating?

Clinics, medical spa, spas, cosmetic clinics that offer hair removal services can offer employment to an electrolysis graduate.

What I can do with an electrolysis certificate?

Once you have your certificate you are ready to work in the profession, which means you will be start seeing the benefits immediately.

Where in the body is electrolysis hair removal used?

Electrolysis can be used to permanently remove hair anywhere in the body and face. Legs and underarm laser hair removal are one of the most common. Hair removal for men is very common; in fact, the amount of male patients requesting this procedure is quickly growing.

Can I become a professional electrologist?

Yes, you can continue your studies and obtain an Electrologist Professional Certificate (EPC).

How long does the electrolysis course take?

The course lasts approximately 16 weeks.

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