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Nursing Assistant in Miami


Miami is home to many nursing training programs and many opportunities to expand your career. One of the great benefits of choosing this career in the state of Florida is that you are not required to complete a state-approved training program before taking the certification exam. Students receiving the appropriate CNA classes in Miami before taking the certification exam have a higher probability of passing the exam and succeeding in their career. Universal Vocational Institute's main goal is to help you achieve your professional goals and train you to become a professional that shapes the future.

What is a nursing assistant?

CNA Classes in Miami

A CNA Certified Nursing Assistant in Miami is the person responsible for assisting patients with different health needs, monitored by a licensed nurse or registered nurse.

A person working in this profession must have a high level of skills and experience. Thus, before enrolling in the course at Universal Vocational Institute; you must first determine if becoming a nurse assistant matches your career goals.

Nursing assistants provide healthcare to patients, regardless of their age and origin. The nursing assistant in Miami is also responsible for providing the necessary information on the status of atients to their supervisor, since they are the ones who are in constant contact with patients. The work of a nursing assistant is not so simple, because the workload is intense. Yet, this is a very rewarding career given the sensitivity towards patients and the satisfaction from being able to make a positive impact on someone's health and life.

What are the training prerequisites for a nursing assistant program?

Most states require the applicant to have at least a high school diploma or GED. Nursing assistants generally have flexible schedules which allow them to work part time while attending school at a community college or four year university.

Becoming a Nursing Assistant in Miami

A nursing assistant must possess strong interpersonal skills and must give importance and priority to the health status of patients. Similarly, they must also show valuable traits and good nursing assistant training Miami. To become a nursing assistant, an individual must complete the entire nursing assistant training classes in Miami at a qualified school such as Universal Vocational Institute. Some medical centers provide in-the-job training, which is a great benefit.

Program Objective

Upon completion of the Nursing Assistant program, graduates will possess the skills and knowledge necessary to provide geriatric patient care and to perform patient care procedures.

Nursing Assistant Training

Nursing Assistant in Miami

The nursing assistant training program is designed to train students to work and care for people living in adult care homes or centers for long-term care. This program, offered at Universal Vocational Institute, provides the basic of bedside patient care while also following federal and state's requirements. Participants who successfully complete this program will meet criteria for the state certification examination.

Our nursing assistant training in Miami covers how to work safely and emphasizes the importance of appreciating the person living in such centers. Upon graduation, students will possess working knowledge covering all skills related to a nursing assistant career.

Throughout nursing assistant classes in Miami students will have the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge of common elements that may be required for certification by the state. This is generally measured by the student's passing grade on final examinations developed and administered by instructors at Universal Vocational Institute.

Students will also be able to demonstrate compliance with standards of practice. This is generally measured by an administered skills test which may contain, among other things, important elements of practice including patient rights, safety dignity, and privacy.

Program Course Outline

  • CNA101 Math and Science Skills Knowledge
  • CNA102 Language Arts Knowledge Skills
  • CNA103 Communication Skills: Interpersonal, Written, and Electronic
  • CNA104 Blood Borne Diseases, Including HIV / AIDS
  • CNA105 Critical Thinking Skills, Creativity and Innovation
  • CNA106 Tools Information Technology
  • CNA107 Roles with Teams, Departments, work units, Inter-Organizational systems, Organizations and the larger environment
  • CNA108 Health, Safety, and Environmental Management Systems
  • CNA109 Employability Skills and Entrepreneurship Skill
  • CNA110 Personal Money-Management concepts, strategies and Procedures
  • CNA111 Emergency Care
  • CNA112 Anatomy and Physiology of the Human body
  • CNA113 Physical Comfort and Safety Functions
  • CNA114 Personal Patient Care
  • CNA115 Procedures Patient Care
  • CNA116 Nutrition for the Patient
  • CNA117 Geriatric Patients
  • CNA118 Principles of Infection Control
  • CNA119 Biological and Psychological Support. Dementia Management and Patient Abuse Prevention
  • CNA120 Organizational skills, Following the Patient Plan of Care
  • CNA121 Professional Ethics and Legal Responsibilities
  • CNA122 Clinical Practice
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Nursing assistant Classes in Miami Requirements

  • 120 Hours
  • Tuition: $400.00
  • Registration fee: $50.00
  • Estimated cost of books and materials: $110.00
  • Other costs (Standard): $40.00
  • Total Program Cost: $600.00

How to become a Nursing Assistant?

certified nursing assistant salary

A nursing assistant must possess strong interpersonal skills and must give importance and priority to the health status of patients. Similarly, they must also show valuable traits and good training. To become a nursing assistant, an individual must complete the entire nursing assistant training classes in Miami. Some medical centers provide in-the-job training, which is a great benefit.

Certified Nursing Assistant Salary and Expectations upon graduation

To make a decision about your future career one of the key elements you should be aware of is how much you will earn. The average nursing assistant salary starts at approximately $ 24,000 a year; depending on the location and workload.

Estimated employment mean wage for this occupation:

Percentile 10% 25% 50% (Median) 75% 90%
Hourly Wage $8.94 $10.20 $11.97 $14.32 $17.20
Annual Wage $18,600 $21,210 $24,890 $29,780 $35,780

Certified Nursing Assistant Jobs

Nursing assistant in Miami work wherever there is a need for personal care. The person may choose to work in hospitals, homes, Hospice, assisted living, long-term care, correctional institutions, and any other long-term care facility.

According to statistics, nursing assistants held around 1.5 million jobs in 2012. The employment rate for this career is supposed to grow about 21 percent by 2022. This is mainly due to the aging population needing additional care. Nursing assistants who prefer to work in rehabilitation services and home health may see an increase in demand for jobs in community-based long-term care and homes.

Nursing assistants will find many great opportunities for employment especially in home health care services.

Location is a very important factor in how much the nursing assistant earns, and also the availability of these jobs. This chart taken from shows the availability of medical assistant jobs in the top five states:

certified nursing assistant jobs

Nursing Assistant Program at Universal Vocational Institute

Finding the right school is the first step to a better life. If you wish to obtain the education needed to become a nursing assistant, Universal Vocational Institute is your best resource. Our school will provide you with personalized assistance in your career search. UVI is among the best Nursing Assistant schools in Florida, specializing in health and beauty programs, and can offer the best investment for your money. We invite you to visit our school in Hialeah to see why Universal Vocational Institute provides the best education and nursing assistant training to achieve your career or professional goals.

Frequently Asked Questions about nursing assistant training Miami

What do I need in order to start the nursing assistant Training Program?

You must submit high school diploma or equivalent certificate (GED).

What other things may be required in order to work as a nursing assistant?

You will also be required to have a clean record in order to work in any area of nursing. The nursing assistant will be screened to guarantee he or she is free of criminal charges, drug abuse, chemical dependency, or any other mental and health condition that may hinder the individual's optimal performance at work.

Does the school help me find a nursing assistant job?

One of the main goals and objectives of the nursing assistant training is to prepare graduates for future employment opportunities. Even though we cannot guarantee a job opportunity, we will help you by giving prospective employers that first good impression that is very important and also in doing your job search to find a job that's right for you.

Will we have practical nursing assistant classes?

Yes, practical nursing assistant classes are conducted once theory classes are completed. The program include 40 hours of clinical practice, 24 laboratory hours, and 56 hours of theory.

How long is a nursing assistant program?

The program is 6 weeks long.

Where can I find employment once I have completed the nursing assistant program?

You can find a job in hospice, nursing homes doctor’s office, medical clinics, assisting living facilities, state prisions, home health care agencies, hospitals, group homes, private homes, rehabilitation centers, among other places.

What are some of the nursing assistant duties and responsibilities?

It is very important to know and understand the roles and responsibilities of a nursing assistant. Some of the main responsibilities include taking the vital signs of the patient, caring for the patient’s personal hygiene, among other things like re-positioning the patient every 2 hours to avoid the possible occurrence of pressure ulcers and skin damage, and much more.

nursing assistants may be required to administer medications or treatment such as enemas, massages, suppositories, as directed by the nurse or physician. They may also be asked to clean and sanitize the patient's room, examination rooms, bathrooms, and other patient areas. They also document their observations on patient's conduct, physical symptoms, and complaints to the nurse. They may also be asked to apply clean stockings, slings, support bandages, and dressings as directed by the physician or nurse.

What are other alternative nursing assistant licensing paths?

Some individuals may have other training or experience and they may be able to get their license with different requirements. For instance, graduate nurses don't have to go through a training program before taking the CNA licensing exam. A licensed practical nurse (LPN) or registered nurse (RN) don't need to take CNA training or licensing exam. You should contact your state's nursing board if you fit any of these categories.

What are other careers similar to Nursing Assistant?

, psychiatric aides, orderlies, and medical assistants are generally grouped in the same category. These positions share similar duties yet there are major differences between them.

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