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EKG Technician Training Miami

Electrocardiograph Aide Program

What is an EKG?

EKG or ECG is a diagnostic test that it is performed to measure the activity of the heart, i.e., speed, rhythm and function. Each time the heart beats, an electrical pulse expands from the top of the heart to the bottom and thus, the whole heart. This pulse or signal, as it travels, it makes the heart to contract and pump blood. The process is repeated with each new beat.The Electrocardiogram mark registration of the contraction or relaxation of the ventricles and atria as lines or curves on graph paper. This register will be interpreted by a doctor or specialist.

EKG Technician Training Miami

EKG Technician Training Description

Students of the Electrocardiograph Aide program in Miami must complete the Health Science Core Module in conjunction with the Electrocardiograph Aide program. If the student has completed the Health Science Core Module in connection with a different career program with a passing grade, it is not necessary to re-take it. The Electrocardiograph Aide program is designed to train students to perform the duties and functions of an Electrocardiograph Aide. Students will learn the cardiovascular system and its functions and pathology of diseases, law and ethics relative to the electrocardiograph aide and duty function in the medical chain of command. Students will demonstrate knowledge and apply skills in using medical instrumentation modalities relevant to the function of an electrocardiograph aide.

ekg electrocardiogram training course

The course is tailored to the learning styles of adults and promotes the retention of key concepts through interactive lectures, multimedia presentations, debates and group activities and practical lab exercises.

EKG Program Objective

Upon completion of this program, graduates possess the skills and knowledge to gain employment as entry-level EKG Technicians in hospitals, outpatient centers, clinics, diagnostic laboratories, and other medical facilities.

EKG Certification Program

  • 165 Hours
  • 8 Weeks
  • Tuition: $390.00
  • Registration fee: $50.00
  • Estimated Cost of: Books/Materials & Kit: $180.00
  • Other costs (Uniform): $40.00
  • Total Cost of Program: $660.00

EKG Technician Program Outline

  • HAE 100 HIV/AIDS Education
  • CPR 100 CPR- Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation
  • HSC 100 Health Science Core Fundamentals
  • EKG 100 Structures and Function of the Cardiovascular System & Related Medical Terminology
  • EKG 101 Laws and Ethical Standards of
  • EKG 102 EKG Instrumentation and Modalities
  • EKG 103 Patient Preparation and Care Procedures
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EKG Technician Salary and Jobs in Miami

There are a number of jobs available in hospitals, clinics and doctors’ offices. The certified ekg technician will work as an assistant to a Cardiologist or any other physician. The ekg monitor technician salary ranges between $ 32,000 and over $ 37,000 more a year, always depending on the training the person has received, the experience and the work location.

According to the Department of Labor and Statistics, jobs in the healthcare field in general are expected to grow faster than the economy as a whole at least over 2018.

ekg electrocardiogram technician salary

Cardiovascular technicians demand is supposed to grow as the American population ages, resulting in an increase of incidents related to medical conditions of the heart. Moreover, the constant advancement of technology to detect heart disease early in life stimulates the necessity of EKG technicians.

Universal Vocational Institute and EKG Technician Training Miami

Finding the right school is the first step to a better life. If you want to obtain a proper education, you need to pursue the Electrocardiogram Program at UVI. Universal Vocational Institute has been preparing students in the medical field, providing career-focus programs in less time than other schools.

Our students benefit from our flexible class schedules, small group of students and job placement assistance. Our school is committed to prepare students for the National Certification as Electrocardiogram Technicians. Do not hesitate and visit our school in Hialeah to know more about us personally.

Once you are done with the EKG technician program you will be able to take the EKG technician certification exam sponsored by the National Healthcareer Association (NHA) in our facility.

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Frequently Asked Questions about the EKG School Miami

What do I need to start the Electrocardiogram program (EKG) in Miami?

You must submit a high school diploma or equivalent certificate (GED). The ekg technician training program also applies to current nurses, emergency medical technicians, and other health professionals that require an introductory ekg training Miami or upgraded education. 

Will there be any practical lessons?

Yes, practical lessons are conducted once the theory is over. 

Will I have to renew my certification?

It is necessary a renewal every two years.  

What skills are needed to work as an EKG Technician?

You must possess the ability to interact with groups and people from different social, emotional, cultural, and intellectual origins. You must have the critical thinking skills for clinical judgment, the observation visual ability, the required evaluation in patient care, and also the sufficient tactile capacity for the physical assessment which includes the palpation for correct placement of the electrocardiogram electrodes.

How long does the electrocardiogram technician training Miami take?

Approximately 8 weeks.

Does the school help me find a job?

In our school, we are dedicated to help our graduates to find employment. Although we cannot guarantee a job, we will always help you to convey that good first impression and find the place that best matches your needs.

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