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Electrolysis School Miami

Universal Vocational Institute is a career-focused vocational school for health and beauty. If you live in the miami area and wish to obtain the necessary education to become a professional in those fields , we are the ideal health training in Miami and the perfect electrolysis school Miami for you. Take a few minutes of your time to learn more about our experience and each of the programs we offer, so you can spend your money on something that will benefit you for a lifetime. We have trained many specialists now working in different areas of health and beauty such as: medical clinics, medical offices, beauty salons, spa, aesthetic clinics, among others. They visited us and were able to choose the career training that most inspired them. Today you can change your life and ensure a promising future!

What is electrolysis?

Electrolysis is a common method employed in the removal of individual hairs from face and body. Modern medical electrolysis devices are fully capable to destroy the growth center of the hair with chemical or heat energy. Each fine probe is carefully inserted into the hair follicle and the hair is removed with tweezers.

Almost every area in the body can be treated with electrolysis. The program at our electrolysis school Miami teaches you about these areas which include face, eyebrows, breasts, abdomen, thighs, and legs. In general, there are no major or permanent side effects. Temporary side effects may include a temporal blush of the skin. Since a number factors can influence hair growth, the patient may need to return for several electrolysis visits in order for the treatment process to be effective.

Electrolysis Training Program Objectives

The program at our electrolysis school Miami prepares students for professional and vocational success as a licensed electrologist. Since these professionals are in demand in a number of businesses including resorts, spas, doctor's offices, salons, and small businesses, the student will have plenty of opportunities for employment upon completion of this program. Upon completion of the program at our electrolysis school Miami, the student will be eligible to sit for the State Licensure from the Florida Department of Health, CCE Exam, and CME exam. The student will be able to work as a electrolysis technician in a clinic, beauty salon, or wherever Electrology Services are offered.

Universal Vocational Institute's Electrolysis Training Program has a main goal to provide the necessary skills for you to succeed in your career. You will be able to master theory and practical skills required to join any electrolysis and skin care professions. Instructors at Universal Vocational Institute endeavor to train students in a way that promotes the development of self-confidence through education and hands-on experience.

Electrolysis School Miami Program Description

The program at our electrolysis school teaches the students permanent removal of hair, theory and skills. The theoretical portion includes the biological study of the hair and skin and the modalities of thermolysis, electrolysis and the blend.

The content of this program will include anatomy, endocrinology, dermatology, sterilization, electricity, follicle insertions, and treatments, safety and sanitation, client evaluation and care, laws and regulations, and business practices. Students will practice skills on a daily basis.

Electrolysis Diploma Program

  • Tuition: $2,100.00
  • Registration fee: $50.00
  • Estimated Cost of: Books/Materials: $410.00
  • Other costs (Uniform): $40.00
  • Total Cost of Program: $2,600.00

Electrolysis School Miami

  • ELY 101 Introduction to Electrolysis technique through Galvanic, Thermolisys and the Blend, history of permanent hair removal, general treatment procedures
  • ELY 102 Principles of electricity, epilator functions and adjustments
  • ELY 103 Integumentary System (skin and appendages)
  • ELY 104 Circulatory (blood and lymph and nervous system)
  • ELY 105 Endocrine system, Including related diseases
  • ELY 106 Biology of Hair growth
  • ELY 107 Skin assessment, including types, effects of temporary hair removal
  • ELY 108 Study of blood-borne pathogens with emphasis of hepatitis and HIV/AIDS
  • ELY 109 Microbiology of the skin, Sanitation and safety procedure including demonstrations in accordance with Rule 64B8-56.001, F.A.C.
  • ELY 110 Clinic and office management. Communication, professional ethics, bookkeeping and patient management
  • ELY 111 Study of Chapter 64B8, F.A.C., as it relates to electrolysis, Chapter 478, F.S., and Chapter 456, part II, F.S. legal requirements of Electrolysis in State of Florida
  • ELY 112 Consultations
  • ELY 113 PCOS/Insulin resistance and other metabolic conditions
  • ECA 201 Coordination skills with probe holder and forceps
  • ECA 202 Insertions
  • ECA 203 Sanitation/Sterilization procedures
  • ECA 204 Hands on Equipment Instruction (Electrolysis)
  • ECA 205 Hands on Equipment Instruction (Thermolisys)
  • ECA 206 Hands on Equipment Instruction (Blend)
  • ECA 207 Client Pre/Post treatment
  • ECA 208 Client Assessment
  • ECA 209 General Treatment Procedures
  • ECA 210 Consultations
  • ECA 211 Visuals/Library
  • ECA 212 Review/Exam preparation
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Electrologist Salary and Employment Opportunities

The salary of an Electrologist varies based on a number of factors such as education, location of the business, whether you are self-employed or working at a spa or salon, years of experience, performance, and several other factors. It's also important you pick a good electrolysis school in your area and get the most out of it.

Full time electrologist's average salary per year according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics between $18,560 on the lowest end to $52,800 on the high end.

The factors mentioned above along with others including knowledge on the latest technologies and whether you work part time or full time can help you calculate the average income of an electrologist.

There are also a number of possibilities for advancement in this career. For example, Electrolysis Technicians who choose to work at large salons or electrolysis facilities can become managers or supervisors. Other technicians may want to teach at a college or university . Yet others will open their own business or beauty salon once they gain the experience required elsewhere. The right preparation at a local electrolysis school can help you achieve all of this and more.

Electrologist job description

An Electrolysis Technician uses electricity to remove hair at the root. Some skin imperfections such as warts and moles can also be removed in some cases. Unwanted hair can be permanently removed by these professionals.

Patients treated by Electrolysis Technicians are generally women who desire to remove excess hair. These patients are tired of wasting time waxing or shaving unwanted hair from their bodies. Some of the common procedures utilized by these professionals include eyebrow shaping, and hair line adjustment. Some electrologists are entrepreneurs who work in private practice, or perhaps a cosmetology environment. Patients generally see these specialists by appointment.

The Electrolysis Technician begins the treatment process by sterilizing the patient's skin with an antiseptic. A small needle is then slid down below the hair root. The timing and intensity of the electric current sent through the needle is adjusted. Finally, the electrologist removes the hair with a tweezer.

Electrologist Salary in Miami

The electrologist's average salary is around $28,900, but there are several factors that may influence these numbers in a direct way depending on whether you are self-employed, the years of experience, your knowlegde on the latest technologies, whether you work for a salon or spa, the location of the business, full time or part time, etc.

Some electrolysis schools have training programs that employ the latest computerized technology. Universal Vocational Institute can help you learn the most current techniques this type of technology may require that way you have more chances to find a suitable job with a competitive salary in your area.

Employment percentile mean wage estimates for this occupation:

Percentile 10% 25% 50% (Median) 75% 90%
Hourly Wage $8.40 $9.42 $13.92 $18.83 $27.37
Annual Wage $17,480 $19,590 $28,940 $39,160 $56,930

Universal Vocational Institute, Electrolysis School Miami

Universal Vocational Institute is a career-focused vocational school for health and beauty. Our institute is licensed by The Florida Commission for Independent Education that issues the corresponding certificates to the specialties taught in the school. By knowing more about our center, you will realize that you are one step closer to achieve a better future for you and your family. If you wish to obtain the necessary education to become an Electrolysis Technician, we are the ideal health training school in Miami for you.

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Questions and Answers about Electrolysis Training Program Miami

How should I compare and contrast different electrolysis schools?

The first step to becoming a professional in this field is to get the education required by your state and the right licensing. When you are considering to become a permanent hair removal technician you should ask different schools about their programs, tuition cost, curriculum and any other questions or concerns you may have. Everyone learns different and each school may have different approaches to learning. Choose the school you can afford and the program or curriculum you feel more comfortable with. Universal Vocational Institute provides a great program with an affordable price.

What do I need to start the Electrolysis Training Program Miami?

A high school diploma or GED diploma.

What type of certifications I need in order to become an electrologist?

There are two certifications: CCE( Certified Clinical Electrologist), this is a first level and CEM (Certified Medical Electrologist) intended who also practice a laser hair removal and is required to candidates a valid CCE. The program at our electrolysis school prepares you for both.

How old I need to be in order to get licensed?

Students need to be 18 years of age or older in order to receive an electrolysis license.

What's required in order to maintain my license?

Electrologists need to take at least two continuing education credits a year in order to maintain their electrolysis license.

What will I be able to do once I have an electrolysis license?

Starting off a new career will be beneficiary to you and your family. Having a diploma in electrolysis means that you are now ready to begin working in this field.

How often must I renew the license?

The license must be renewed every two years. You will be mailed a renewal notification postcard at least around 90 days before your license expires to the address they have in their records. You have until midnight on the day the license expires to renew. If the licensed is not renewed on time, it will be placed in delinquent status. Failure to renew before the expiration of the licensure cycle makes the license null and without further action by the board.

What kinds of jobs can an electrologist have?

Although this is a highly specialized field that concentrates mainly on jobs related to beauty and skin, there are several potential job tittles and a wide variety of job opportunities and locations you can take advantage of.

Where may I find employment once I have graduated from an electrolysis training program?

You may be able to find employment in clinics, med-spas, cosmetic surgery centers, dermatologist office and beauty salons. Your attitude and professional experience will be a very important factor in your electrolysis career.

Can I continue my education as an electrolysis technician?

Yes, you may continue your studies and become a Certified Laser Hair Removal. This is a field that continues to grow and expand with technology.

How long does it take to become a permanent hair removal specialist nationwide?

It all depends on the state. Some states don't license electrologists and the program can be as short as 200 hours or 5 weeks. However, most states may require licensing. A survey of licensing boards across the nation shows that the average amount of hours require ranges between 320 to 1200 hours depending on the state. Most certifications, however, can be completed in less than a year.

How long does this course take at Universal Vocational Institute?

The program at Universal Vocational Institute lasts approximately 16 weeks.

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