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Medical Assistant Schools in Miami

Medical assistant jobs in Miami are now on the rise. Miami, FL is known as one of the most medically advanced cities in the world with a wide variety of hospitals and private practices currently growing throughout the city. Medical assistants have recently experienced a significant increase in demand. With such high employment growth rates and demand for medical assistants, these individuals can now benefit from a stable and flexible career that also offers a competitive salary. Schools such as Universal Vocational Institute can help you reach your professional goals and prepare you for one of the most amazing careers in the expanding healthcare industry. You can find medical assistant career information Miami that will help you find out more about this career and the many opportunities you will have when choosing this career path.

Medical Assistants are considered a major role in the operation and administration of medical practices all over the nation. For this reason, the education provided to these medical professionals is a vital part of the individual’s success. Finding the right school for you is now easier than ever.

Medical Assistant Training

Medical assistant training at a medical assistant schools in Miami consists of educating individuals on practical and theoretical skills that will be vital on the job. Although many of these skills will be executed under the supervision of a doctor or physician, these disciplined individuals will learn how to take and record a patient’s vitals, perform specialized medical tests and conduct electrocardiograms along with many other activities. In order to obtain the diploma as a medical assistant, students must successfully complete 936 clock hours in a program at our vocational school that can be completed in as little as 47 weeks.

At Universal Vocational Institute, we are proud to guide our students in the right direction, offering them an education that can open doors to many different pathways in the medical field. With extensive focus on courses such as anatomy and physiology, our students experience an education fulfilled with hands-on work experience.

How to become a Medical Assistant?

In order to pursue a medical assistant career, individuals must first enroll in a training program at a school such as Universal Vocational Institute that will prepare them for the medical assistant career. Although a certification or license is not required in order to begin working as a medical assistant, as demand in the field continues to increase, employers tend to favor candidates with more knowledge and experience. The medical assistant training program at Universal Vocational Institute helps students get the education and experience required in order to find employment. We can help you find medical assistant career information in Miami before you enroll in this popular program.

Benefits of studying Medical Assistant at one of the Medical Assistant schools in Miami

Becoming a medical assistant in Miami can be a very rewarding experience. Medical assistants currently have one of the most in-demand jobs in the nation and they are expected to continue in demand for the next ten years. If you have always dreamed of working in a urgent care facility or at a doctor’s office, this career can make your dreams come true.

Because medical assistants are generally needed wherever health services are provided, individuals pursuing this career can find limitless employment opportunities and medical assistant career information Miami in a great variety of job settings which often opens doors into other medical professions such as nursing.

As the nation makes its way back from a recovering economy, job growths are increasing surprisingly fast. Needless to say, medical assistants are currently experiencing one of the largest demand rates in the nation. Studying at a medical assistant school in Miami such as Universal Vocational Institute can open doors that will lead you to a career with an incredible demand, stability and many job opportunities in this field.

Medical Assistant Schools in Miami

As a medical assistant, you can always expect great flexibility in your work hours along with the personal satisfaction that comes with helping others. With an education from a medical assistant school in Miami such as Universal Vocational Institute, you’ll be able to work in a great variety of settings such as medical clinics, private practices, nursing homes and many other healthcare environments.

Objectives of Medical Assistant Programs Miami

Upon completion of the Medical Assistant program, graduates will possess the skills and hands on experience to become entry level Medical Assistants, working in all aspects of the medical office. With the education you get at a medical assistant school, students will be able to participate in the assistance aimed towards improving the health and wellbeing of individuals in their communities along with the ability to apply specific principles in a medical environment.

Which of the Medical Assistant Schools in Miami is Right for me?

When entering the medical assistant field, obtaining the proper education is one of the most vital parts of the experience. Just like in any other career, a good education at a qualified school such as Universal Vocational Institute is the starting point that will lead you to a successful career. We recommend make a visit to the school and see what we offer like: bilingual classes, a familiar atmosphere, qualified Instructors, etc. When deciding upon which school is right for you, it is important to analyze what your best learning styles are: visual, hands on, etc. in order for you to gain the necessary knowledge and experience in the easiest and most convenient way for you.

Medical Assistant Program Description

The Miami Medical Assistant program is designed to train students in all of the relevant aspects of medical office management including reception, booking appointments, records management, informatics, insurance billing, preparing patients for physical examinations and minor surgeries, performing specialized medical tests including urinalysis and collecting biological specimens, phlebotomy, EKG, limited X Rays, processing and recording pharmacological data. Graduates of this program will be prepared to work at the entry level in medical offices, clinics, and various medical practices.

Program Outline

At Universal Vocational Institute, students are provided with a great program with some of the most extensive courses available including:

medical assistant training in Miami

HSC 100 Health Science Core Fundamentals
HSC 101 General Anatomy & Physiology
HSC 104 Career Preparation
MAT 100 Basic Mathematics
MAT 102 Pharmacology
HAE 100 HIV/AIDS Education
CPR 100 CPR- Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

MAS 101 Medical Office Procedures
MAS 102 Fundamentals of Medical Insurance
MAS 103 Records Management & Information
MAS 104 Limited X-Ray
MAS 105 Patient Preparation
MAS 106 Specialized Medical Exams
MAS 107 Medical Assistant Externship
COM 100 Computer Applications

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Roles of a Medical Assistant in Miami

Medical assistants are an essential part of a clinical staff. Becoming a medical assistant will require a lot of dedication, discipline and preparation along with responsibility. Medical assistants are such well rounded individuals that describing their specific duties will ultimately vary depending on the employer. Regardless of the job requirements, duties should always be checked with your clinic coordinator or administrator before being done. This profession also requires administrative work; either creating appointments or keeping record of patient information. By working in the clinical area, the med assistant supports and assists doctors and other professionals in the workplace. Although a license is not required to begin working in this profession, having one guarantees more job opportunities in the medical field. Nowadays, more practitioners are depending on medical helpers to assist with different patient care demands.

medical assistant jobs in Miami

Experience acquired during the Medical Assistant Training

Throughout the course of the Miami medical assistant training program, students can expect to obtain an extensive education, an required work experience. During your training program, you will be able to successfully distinguish medical information, administer or run a practice, assess patient needs and appointments along with many other everyday tasks and duties. During this time, individuals will also learn how to perform medical examinations such as electrocardiograms, venipuncture, urinalysis and many others.

They will also obtain knowledge on the fundamentals of x-rays. Although a physician often supervises most of the tasks performed by medical assistants, once you have finished the training program, you will be able to perform these duties with great ease and confidence.

Medical Assistant Salary and Expectations upon graduation

The average salary and wages of a medical assistant professional can vary and depend on a number of factors such as the industry or place of employment, the location, the amount of experience and education received at a school such as Universal Vocational Institute, and the daily tasks, duties, and workplace responsibilities required by the employer. Medical assistant career information Miami will help you find out more about the competitive salary this career offers and the potential long-term success when choosing this career path.

As the nation makes it’s way back from a recovering economy, it is self evident that there is an increase in job growth across the country. While some careers have smaller demand rates than others, others are experiencing incredible amounts of continuous growth-one of which is in fact medical assistance. Medical assistants are expected to have an incredible 22% growth rate in the next 10 years! Higher than the average career growth in the United States. While the average medical assistant makes approximately $35,000 and $45,000 they also benefit from the immense stability that comes with the career.

Estimates of Certified Medical Assistant Salary:

Percentile 10% 25% 50% (Median) 75% 90%
Hourly Wage $10.23 $12.09 $14.24 $17.12 $20.15
Annual Wage $21,280 $25,160 $29,610 $35,600 $41,910

Medical Assistant Salary Miami and working conditions

Medical assistants can find a great amount of employment opportunities in a variety of work environments and medical assistant career information to help them explore their options before looking for employment. Medical assistants will be able to choose from a number of employment options. They can either work for a physician in a private practice or for a larger organization such as medical clinics, nursing home or urgent care. Salaries can vary depending on where the medical assistant decides to work.

Medical Assistant Salary Miami

The medical assistant salary can vary depending on the workplace; and also the size of the workforce. These two factors can contribute to salary changes. While the median salary for a medical assistant professional is $29,600, individuals who choose to work for a private practice might end up making slightly less annually than the national average; while individuals working for a larger company are expected to make the average or slightly higher than the average annual salary of a medical assistant.

Salary according to job duties as a Medical Assistant

Annual salaries can vary depending on the workplace, and the daily tasks required at the workplace. For example, some medical assistants are required to work directly with patients. These individuals might have to administer a collection of lab specimens, blood draws, and electrocardiograms. Other medical assistants are required to prepare the patients for any health services provided by assisting them with any important paperwork and data input into a medical database. Annual salaries can increase or decrease depending on the type of work the individual is required to perform each day. Medical assistants who perform administrative work might have a slightly lower annual salary than medical assistants who work hand in hand with patients, but this ultimately depends on the employer or the company that the individual works for. Universal Vocational Institute prepares you for this amazing career and also offers medical assistant career information.

How experience affects your salary ?

Annual salaries can vary depending on the amount of people working at your workplace. Average annual salaries for medical assistant jobs are based on the employee’s experience and education. Since medical assistant is a career path that does not require a degree, individuals can begin working with only a high school diploma and gain experience while on the job. However, due to the high demand for medical assistants, employers are now hiring individuals with the most education and experience on their resume. Schools such as Universal Vocational Institute can help you with the education required to succeed in this career and help you with medical assistant career information before you decide to enroll in one of our programs.

Medical Assistant Career

Medical Assistant Jobs in Miami – Job Outlook

In Miami, the health industry is one of the leaders in our economy, providing medical assistants with unimaginable employment opportunities. Whether you have always dreamed of working in a urgent care facility setting or at a doctor’s office, all dreams are in clear reach with if you choose a career path like this one. Because jobs in the health industry are so highly in demand, the job opportunities provided to individuals in this field are oftentimes considered some of the most stable and flexible ones. The United States Bureaus of Labor actually stated that announced employment opportunities for medical assistants are projected to grow incredibly fast in the coming years. This makes this occupation one of the fastest growing over the next 10 years.

Medical assistants are in high demand in Miami therefore many job opportunities are available for them. This means that medical assistants will have more job opportunities than the average amount of jobs other careers have. According to the US Bureau of Labor, medical assistants have a probable employment growth of 30% as of 2013 and they hold approximately 570,000 jobs.

Most common Medical Assistant Jobs in Miami

Medical assistants fulfill a vital role in common doctor offices, clinics or anywhere health services are provided. They are individuals who perform a great variety of tasks in a medical setting on a daily basis. They are an allied health professional that supports and assists physicians and doctors in a medical setting. They also administer and perform tasks to run their workplace.

A medical assistant’s day can consist of working hand in hand with patients and doctors performing administrative duties such as scheduling appointments, preparing paperwork, entering medical data into a database, and assisting patients. This type of employment opportunity is available to medical assistants in a variety of settings such as nursing homes, urgent care centers, clinics and private practices.

Medical Assistant Job Description

Medical assistants are well-rounded individuals who perform duties that range from assisting physicians to performing administrative work in the office. Medical assistant jobs may require the employee to work directly with patients by providing them with important paperwork, taking their vitals, recording important information on the patient’s files, and preparing patients for necessary examinations. Medical assistants can also be asked or required to draw blood from patients or prepare specimens for lab use. The daily tasks and duties of a medical assistant can keep them busy. These tasks and duties may include standing for a good portion of the day. With a great education at Universal Vocational Institute you can get the preparation and medical assistant career information required to succeed at your place of employment.

Why learn Medical Assistant at UVI?

At Universal Vocational Institute, we are focused on providing potential health professionals and students with a rigorous and extensive education, giving them more hands-on experience than some other medical assistant training programs in Miami medical assistant schools. At our institute, students have convenient schedules (day and night) and obtain an education without having to spend their life savings or getting into endless debt. A good education is the starting point to any kind of success in any career path you decide to take, and that is our main objective here at Universal Vocational Institute.

For any legal question about a case of medical malpractice you can consult an Injury Lawyer in Miami

Once you are done with the Electrolysis program you will be able to take the clinical medical assistant certification exam and Medical Administrative Assistant Certification exam sponsored by the National Healthcareer Association (NHA) in our facility.

Frequent Questions about Medical Assistant Schools in Miami

What can I accomplish or perform with a Medical Assistant license?

Having a diploma or license in any career you pursue can guarantee that you are ready and capable of performing any task that comes with the job, especially in the healthcare industry. Although the state of Florida does not require you to obtain a license before working as a medical assistant, employers do take notice of the certain individuals who took their career seriously enough to complete the training. We encourage all of our students to pursue a license or certification in order to ensure a job opportunity in a competitive industry.

How long will the medical assistant training program take?

If what you seek is obtain a diploma through a medical assistant training program, at Universal Vocational Institute this can take as little as 47 weeks, or 11 months.

Where exactly could I find employment after completing my training program?

Once you have finished your training program and you have successfully obtained a license in medical assistance, you can begin applying anywhere where a clinical staff is needed. This means that you could find employment opportunities anywhere from a doctor offices to a clinic setting, sometimes even schools and cruise lines!

What kind of hands on experience will I be exposed to during training at UVI?

This is a very important question. Many medical assistant training programs are now offered online in order to accommodate the student as best as possible, but these programs do not offer you the most vital part of your education-hands on experience. At Universal Vocational Institute, students will learn how to take and record patient vitals, the fundamentals of taking X-rays, venipuncture, how to process medical information and even some extent of medical insurance coding and billing. It is this experience and skill sets that will separate you from the rest when seeking employment.

Are there any requirements needed in order for me to begin my medical assistant
training program in Miami?

High school diploma or a GED equivalent. The facility to enroll into such programs have also made a great contribution in the growth of the career as a whole. That’s why UVI is one of the leading providers of such education to many individuals in South Florida.

Is this the right career path for me? What personality traits are ideal for this type of

This is not the right career path for everyone. Outstanding medical assistants should have excellent communication skills. They should be dependable, and able to handle a lot of stress. They should also be empathetic to patients and everyone else around. Additionally, they must pay close attention to every detail and will greatly benefit from having excellent vision and manual dexterity. Lastly, these professionals should be honest, have self- discipline and be courteous at all times.

What are the general daily responsibilities of a medical assistant?

The duties, which may be limited by state laws, vary from one practice to the next. These professionals generally perform bookkeeping, among other things. They also take and record patient vital signs and histories. They help prepare examination rooms and patients as well as preparing office correspondence, maintaining medical records, helping administer medications, completing insurance billing and coding, drawing blood and administering meds, scheduling appointments, and more.

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