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Medical Billing and Coding Schools in Miami

In Miami Universal Vocational Institute's medical billing and coding program can prepare you for a career in the rapidly expanding medical field. This program offers the knowledge and hands-on experience required to succeed in your career. Once the program has been completed, you will be prepared and equipped to find great employment opportunities. You will be part of a program that provides many hours of training and practical experience in some administrative functions such as coding and medical billing. This training generally takes place in a classroom laboratory setting.

Medical billing and coding schools in Miami have a variety of programs designed to prepare graduates who are capable of reviewing, analyzing, applying or using standard medical coding systems to health data.

What is Medical Billing and Coding?

Medical coding is the system through which you take a medical procedure or diagnosis and give the correct numbers for statistics and billing. Medical billers and coders are the healthcare professionals in charge of processing patient data including billing third party payers for reimbursement of healthcare services provided, examining utilization patterns for administration, and facilitating statistical classification for researchers. Medical billing and coding workers are in charge of coding patients' diagnosis as well as a requesting payments from the patients' insurance companies.

The healthcare industry depends on these professionals to accurately record, register and track each patient's account. Medical billing and medical coding are actually two different jobs:

-Medical billers: These professionals make sure patients are billed correctly. This process may involve talking to patients and health insurance companies to make sure the invoices are paid on time. Billers should understand coding language and be able to read medical invoices.

-Medical coders: These professionals don't interact much with patients or insurance companies. It's the ideal job for someone who prefers analyzing and coding data. Each duty performed in a medical office should have the right code assigned to it. Proper coding facilitates proper billing.

Medical coders and billers work together to make sure invoices are paid accordingly. Smaller medical offices may have one person or medical billing service handle both job functions.

Studying Medical Billing and Coding at one of the Medical Billing and Coding Schools in Miami

Medical billing/coding is a sought-after skill the in the medical field. Some opportunities for employment offered by this career include medical centers, hospitals, and you can also become self-employed as a freelancer working from home. Some reasons why you should choose a career in this field include:

  • This profession is in demand: While there is software available to assist with medical coding, there is no substitute for a human being to to check for errors, input information, and keep things organized.
  • There are many education and training options. You can prepare yourself for this career in a short period of time.
  • A predictable work schedule: While most healthcare professionals work on an unpredictable schedule, medical coders generally work 40 hours a week and are able to make a distinction between work and family time.
  • You can work as an independent medical coder: You can make your own hours and be your own boss while enjoying the flexibility to work from home.
  • A job as a medical coder can open doors and help you pursue other administrative and clerical careers.
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Which of the Medical Billing and Coding Schools in Miami is Right for me?

You should take some time doing research before choosing the medical billing and coding schools in Miami or program that's right for you. A medical biller or coder needs the required knowledge in order to read and grasp the contents of a patient's chart and perform his or her job duties with accuracy. This is why most employees in the medical billing field need to have the right education or training from a local college or career school.

If you are interested in this career, you should seek out medical billing and coding schools in Miami that include:

  • Medical billing software
  • Medical documentation and evaluation
  • Medical terminology and anatomy
  • Administrative duties
  • Computer skills
  • Government programs

Medical Billing and Coding Training Program

After completing the Medical Billing and Coding program at a medical billing and coding schools such as Universal Vocational Institute, students will be able to:

  • Understand and outline the responsibilities associated with this profession as well as describe the ethics required to succeed int his career.
  • Understand and use medical terminology to be able to describe and identify anatomical directions, body planes, and the basic functions, pathologies, and structures of all body systems.
  • Identify and describe essential concepts in the medical office which may include examination procedures, universal precautions, radiography techniques, pharmacology, and laboratory tests.
  • Understand and compare government insurance health plan such as Medicaid, Medicare, Blue Cross/Blue Shield (BCBS), etc.
  • Understand and describe billing guidelines inpatient and outpatient medical procedures.
  • Understand and summarize the life cycle of insurance claims and steps or forms required in order to file a claim.
  • Explain how medical coding works, and the purpose of it.

Medical Billing and Coding Training

Upon completion of the Medical Coding and Billing program, graduates will possess the skills and hands on experience to become entry level Medical Coding and Billing, working in all aspects of the medical coding and billing.

The Medical Billing and Coding Training Miami Program at Universal Vocational Institute was designed to train students for entry level employment in the health care industry, in a variety of positions such as medical coders, entry level coders, coding technicians, and more. This program teaches students the fundamentals of medical billing and coding required to take the National Healthcareer Association's Certified Billing and Coding Specialist (CBCS) exam. Program topics include terminology, medical ethics, physician and hospital billing, coding compliance and auditing, insurance plans, and Medicare. In the coding and billing program, students are taught how to use the coding manual and the automated billing process.

The goal of the program at Universal Vocational Institute is to prepare students for entry level billing and medical coding jobs in the health field, as medical records coders, coding technicians, coding clerks, and other positions. Students will also be able to translate procedures and diagnoses, putting them into numerical codes by using the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-9-CM) and Current Procedural Terminology (CPT-4). In addition, students will be trained to prepare and submit insurance claim reimbursement forms.

Medical billing and coding schools have programs which train students to practice preparing insurance claims using electronic or manual methods. Some programs will also teach you documenting and interviewing skills.

Program Requirements

  • 1000 Hours
  • Approximately 52 weeks
  • Tuition: $ 2,845.00
  • Registration Fee: $ 50.00
  • Estimated Cost of: Books / Materials & Kit $ 160.00
  • Other costs (Uniform): $ 40.00
  • Total Cost of Program: $ 3,095.00

Program Course Outline

  • HEA 100 HIV / AIDS Education
  • COM 100 Computer Applications
  • COM 108 Business Mathematics Principles
  • HSC 100 Health Science Core Fundamentals
  • HSC 101 General Anatomy & Physiology
  • HSC 102 Medical Terminology
  • HSC 103 Human Diseases
  • MAT 102 Pharmacology
  • MCB 101 Introduction to Medical Coding
  • MCB 102 Medical Coding II
  • MCB 103 Health Information Technology
  • MCB 104 Health Insurance Billing
  • HSC 104 Career Preparation
  • MCB 105 Medical Billing and Coding Externship
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Experience acquired during the Training

The program at Universal Vocational Institute has been designed by professionals with decades of experience to help billing and coding students gain the skills required to start working as a medical coder. Throughout the training program at this amazing medical billing and coding school, students will practice dealing with insurance claims as well as using electronic and manual methods, and learning valuable documenting and interviewing skills.

Students will learn computer fundamentals, the heath information management process, and reimbursement methodologies to help them understand how medical coding works. Students will also be trained in medical sciences, and the use of different code sets.

Medical Billing and Coding Salary and Expectations upon graduation

The annual salary for professional coders and billers in past years, according to data was more than $ 32,000 per year, depending on the health industry sector and the state in which the medical facility you are working for is located. Also, those working in private offices or insurance companies as insurance coders, website coders and other positions, can earn a higher salary than those working in hospitals and public health. It is expected that employment for coders and billers in the health field will increase by over 20% between 2014 and 2020.

Medical billing and coding jobs

Medical billers and coders work in hospitals, nursing homes, doctors’ offices, rehabilitation centers providing services to third parties like consulting firms, insurance companies and so on. Each state government employs a large number of medical billers and so does the federal government. Some even create home-based businesses and work independently.

Health coders help determine whether patients are receiving the right treatment. They retrieve patients records that might be required for nurses and doctors.

medical billing and coding training miami

They also ensure that the health care provider meets record-keeping regulations. Coders organize and keep numbers for databases and registries to help clinics and hospitals track the treatment's effectiveness over a long period of time.

Medical Billing and Coding Salary

Those who commit to this career and receive the necessary education at medical billing and coding schools can expect a healthy salary. Job prospects in this field will be very good especially for those who have a solid understanding of technology and computer software. The average salary for this professional is about $34,900 according the Bureau of labor.

Employment percentile mean wage estimates for this occupation:

Percentile 10% 25% 50% (Median) 75% 90%
Hourly Wage $10.91 $13.23 $16.81 $21.76 $27.56
Annual Wage $22,700 $27,520 $34,970 $45,260 $57,320

Universal Vocational Institute as a Licensed Medical Billing and Coding Schools in Miami

Finding the right school is the first step to a better life. If you want to get the required education to pursue the coding and billing program, Universal Vocational Institute offers the personalized assistance you need in order to find the ideal career for you. We are a school specializing in health and beauty programs and offering the best investment for your money. Stop searching for medical billing courses online and visit our school in Hialeah. We invite you to see what Universal Vocational Institute is all about and learn more about the programs we offer which provide you with the best education and training required to accomplish your professional goals and succeed in your career.

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Once you are done with the Medical Billing and Coding program you will be able to take the Billing and Coding Specialist certification exam sponsored by the National Healthcareer Association (NHA) in our facility.

Frequent Questions about Medical Billing and Coding Training Miami

What do I need to start the Coding and Billing Program?

You must submit your high school diploma or equivalent certificate (GED).

Why choosing medical billing and coding?

There are a variety of reasons why some people choose this career, which are generally personal, but there are also basic reasons why some may choose this rewarding profession:

  • Medical billing and coding is very detail-oriented and it also involves organizational skills.
  • The professional is not required to have direct contact with the patient or bodily fluids.
  • This career facilitates easy transitioning from other fields such as the insurance or mortgage industry.
  • The training provided in this field can be completed fast and the professional can be working as a medical biller or coder in as little as one year.

Does the school help me find a job in Coding and Billing?

In our school, one of our main objectives is for our graduates to find employment. Universal Vocational Institute will not guarantee a job as a Medical Billing and Coding professional, but will provide you with the education that will qualify you to find a job.

Will I have to renew my certification?

Yes, you will have to renew your certificate every two years.

Will we have practical medical coding and billing classes?

Yes, practical coding and medical billing classes are conducted once theory classes are completed.

How long will the Billing and Program take?

The program can be completed in 12 months.

Where will I be able to work once I get my certificate in medical billing and coding?

You can find a job in a physician’s office, a clinic, surgery center, hospital, insurance company and other companies that want to hire a coder or medical biller. Our school offers a workshop on resume writing and interview preparation which we highly recommend to all our students.

Some coders and billers may start working in related healthcare fields in order to get their foot in the door. Some may choose an internship or volunteering opportunity to get to know the business first. A great variety of resources are available out there for this career and great internship opportunities to help you start a rewarding career.

What skills are needed to work as a medical biller and coder?

Some of the essential skills needed to work as a medical biller and coder are: mathematical skills, good communication and organization, knowledge of software, a detail-oriented nature, and the ability to adapt to new challenges. In addition, working as a medical biller and coder, you should expect to be answering the telephone and using the computer since you will be in constant communication with insurance agencies, clients, and doctors. The work of a medical biller and coder is very detailed and delicate since their work is essential to the business side of the healthcare industry.

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