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Community Outreach Scholarships

Universal Vocational Institute Community Outreach Scholarship Program is looking for prospective students with above average academic skills who have expressed a strong interest in becoming a professional in the healthcare industry. This scholarship program supports individuals who are passionate about improving their knowledge, and their ability to advance positive social change in their communities.

The Community Outreach Scholarship will be awarded to well-rounded, bright students who excel academically and are actively involved in their schools and communities. These leaders are passionate and service-oriented, and demonstrate a sustained commitment to bettering their communities.

UVI Scholarship Program Application

Scholarship Program Information

UVI will provide annual scholarships for men and women who qualify to enter the program. The Community Outreach Scholarship Program is committed to providing support for the students who have dreams of becoming a healthcare professional. Applications are available online as well as in the office of Universal Vocational Institute.

The Scholarship Program Committee is made up of the following members:

  • Administrative Member
  • Director of Education
  • Academic Member (faculty)
  • Current Student
  • Graduate Student
  • Community Member

Applicant Qualifications

The qualifications necessary to apply for a scholarship are:

  • U.S. Citizen or Permanent Legal Resident age 18 or older,
  • Minimum of high school diploma or General Education Diploma (GED),
  • Provide a resume
  • Provide 3 reference letters, with at least one from a former teacher or instructor,
  • Submit a 300-word essay explaining why the scholarship should be awarded to the applicant,
  • Participate in an interview with the Scholarship Program Committee,
  • Enroll in a schedule of study for a minimum of 20-clock hours per week for the duration of the applicant’s chosen program,
  • Demonstrate a strong interest in graduating from Medical Assistant, Medical Coding & Billing or Electrolysis Hair Removal program.

Award Criteria

Scholarship recipients are selected based on the following factors:

  • Demonstrate academic achievement.
  • Demonstrate participation and leadership in community and school activities.
  • Show work experience and interest in pursuing a career in either the Medical Assistant, Medical Coding & Billing or Electrolysis Hair Removal programs,
  • Special consideration will be given to the applicants with high interest, theoretical, and hands-on skills, as identified by the Scholarship Program Committee,
  • Final selection of recipients is made by the Scholarship Program Committee,
  • Recipients of the Community Outreach Scholarship Program shall not commit any act that indicates dishonesty or moral turpitude or that otherwise could materially injure the community. If such an act is committed by an applicant, the program scholarship award shall immediately be revoked. All applicants agree to accept the decision as final.

Award Amounts and Application

  • The Scholarship Program application period is open on a bi-monthly basis, and offers Medical Assistant, Medical Coding & Billing or Electrolysis Hair Removal scholarships for a reduction in the total cost of the program’s tuition, as determined by the Scholarship Committee.
  • Applicants who are selected will be responsible for all costs for registration, learning materials, such as textbooks, student kits, supplies, required equipment, and other allowable expenses.

Privacy Policy

All the information in the scholarship application is confidential and will not be shared with a third party. UVI recognizes the importance of data privacy, and is dedicated to protecting the students’ privacy, handling any personal information with care and respect.

Recipient’s Commitment

Any student approved for an award in the Community Outreach Scholarship program must:

  • Enter UVI for either of the three program starts or lose the opportunity to receive the scholarship;
  • Maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher for the duration of the program;
  • Maintain attendance of 90% or higher for each Academy Progress period;
  • Complete a minimum of 40 volunteer hours as determined by Universal Vocational Institute. The student shall agree to support community and institutional projects created to improve the community.

The Community Outreach Scholarship Program is proudly funded by the Vice-President of UVI, Dr. Ismael Labrador.

* Universal Vocational Institute employees and relatives of employees are excluded from application for the Community Outreach Scholarship Program.